Amazon 27th October Quiz Answers , Chance To Win Galaxy Note 10


Amazon’s Today Quiz Answer (27 October 2019)

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About Amazon Quiz – Amazon Is Doing Daily Quiz For His Customers Chance to Get free Goodies Everyday by Playing Amazon Quiz And New Winner Prize,

They Will Ask 5 Different Questions And There will Be 4 Option Below Of Questions

1 Option Will Be Right You have to Choose Right Answer In All 5 Questions To Successfully Participate In This Amazon Quiz,

If you choose Any incorrect Answer You’ll Be Disqualify from The Today Quiz And you may take part And next day once more you may participate, right here. I’ll offer every day Quiz answer that will help you just See The answers From right here And choose That Answer In Amazon quiz and you’ll be Eligible to win Prizes.

How to play Amazon Daily Quiz Contest?

1. This Is Amazon App Only Contest, So You have to Download The App First From Google Play Store Or from Here – Download

2. Now Just Open The Amazon App and Sign Up / Login into Your Amazon Account

3. Scroll Down Below On Home screen & You Will See “Amazon Quiz Time Daily” Banner

4. Click On The Banner & Quiz Will Start After Clicking “Start” Button

5. Now There Will Be 5 Questions Everyday in This Amazon Daily Quiz Time , You have to Give Right Answers To All Of this Questions.

6. After Giving Right Answers You Will Be Selected For Lucky Draw Of This Amazon Quiz Time Quiz Winners.

7. Lucky User Will Be Announce On End Of Month

Amazon 27th October Quiz Answers , Chance To Win Galaxy Note 10

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Question 1 –  In which country would you find the temple complex Angkor Wat?

Answers – Cambodia

Question 2 – Which of the following is used in making a Pencil?

Answer is – Graphite

Question 3 – Eritrea, which became the 182nd member of the UN in 1993, is located in which continent?

Answers – Aftrica

Question 4 – Originating in the Tibetan plateau near Lake Mansarovar, which river flows through Ladakh?

Answer is – Indus

Question 5 – Rial is the official currency of __. Fill in the blanks.

Answers – Iran

Amazon 26th October Quiz Answers , Chance To Win Fender Acoustic Guitar

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Question 1 – Today, 26th October is the birthday of an actress who played the part of ‘Daenerys Targaryen’ also known as ‘The mother of dragons’ in the recently concluded famous HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’. What is the name of this actress?

Answers – Emilia Clarke

Question 2 – This famous politician celebrates her birthday today. She served as the ‘United States Secretary of State’ between 2009-2013. She is also the wife of a former US president and she herself ran for the US presidency in 2016. Who are we talking about?

Answer is – Hillary Clinton

Question 3 – Which famous hotel, designed to resemble the sail of a ship, stands on an artificial island 280 m from Jumeirah Beach?

Answers – Burj Al Arab , Dubai

Question 4 – How many strings does a cello typically have?

Answer is – 4

Question 5 – 1st December 1963, Nagaland became the ___ state of India.

Answers – 16th

Amazon 19th October Quiz Answers , Chance To Win Microsoft Surface Pro 6

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1. Famous Bollywood movie ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ)’ released today in 1995. In the movie, Raj and Simran took a trip to which part of the world?

Answer: Europe

2. DDLJ holds the record of being the longest running film in the history of cinema. Which theater in Mumbai still runs the film?

Answer: Maratha mandir

3. Which of the following countries does Afghanistan share its borders with?

Answer: Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China

4. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) reported that __ has emerged as the most punctual airline in last 12 months. (Fill In the blank

Answer: GoAir

5. When was the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) established?

Answer: 1958

Amazon 18th October Quiz Answers , Chance To Win Fujifilm Camera

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1. Which of the following inter-molecular forces enables us to write on the blackboard with a chalk?

Answer: Adhesive Force

2. Three Gorges Dam’ is the worlds largest hydroelectric project dam. In which country is this dam located?

Answer: China

3. The largest island in the world is Greenland. It is an integral part of __ country. (Fill in the blank)

Answer: Denmark

4. Narain Karthikeyan is the sports man in the field of which sport?

Answer: Formula One Racing

5. Which among the following is NOT a work of Rabindranath Tagore?

Answer: Kapala Kundala

Amazon 11th October Quiz Answers , Chance To Win Marshall Wobern Speakers Quiz

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Question 1 :- Legend of Indian cinema Amitabh Bachchan celebrates his birthday today. Which year was he awarded India’s 2nd highest civilian honor, Padma Vibhushan?

Answer is :– 2015

Question 2 – In which country is the highest (in altitude) cricket ground in the world located?

Answer is :– India

Question 3 – Ganymede is the largest moon in our solar system. Which planet does it orbit around?

Answer is :– Jupiter

Question 4 – What would you call a type of scientist who studies dinosaurs and fossils?

Answer is :– Paleontologist

Question 5 – All Indian currency notes have the denomination written in a number of languages. Besides the writing in Hindi and English on the front, how many other regional languages appear on the back panel?

Answer is :– 15

Amazon 8th October Quiz Answers , Chance To Win GoPro Hero7

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Question 1 :- Today, October 08 is celebrated as ‘Indian Air-force (IAF) Day’ as the IAF was founded on this day in 1932. What is the motto of the IAF?

Answer is :– Touch The Sky With Glory

Question 2 – What rank does the Chief of Air Staff hold in the Indian Air-Force?

Answer is :– Air Chief Marshal

Question 3 – The white-ish, crescent moon shaped part at the base of your nail has a name. What is it called?

Answer is :– Lunula

Question 4 – Which of the following is NOT a folk dance that originated in Maharashtra?

Answer is :– Garba

Question 5 – Which place in India holds the Guinness World Record for being the wettest place on Earth?

Answer is :– Mawsynram , Meghalaya

Amazon 7th October Quiz Answers , Chance To Win ₹5000 Pay Balance

1- It is Vladimir Putin’s birthday today. He has been the president of Russia for 5 terms and was recently selected for a 6th term. Which building holds the office of the president of Russia?

Ans – The Kremlin

2 – Which of these desserts has its roots in Hyderabad’s Nizami legacy, and is traditionally prepared from dried apricots?

Ans – Qubani Ka Mitha

3 –Which famous Indian poet did Shankar Mahadevan collaborate with, for his track, ‘Breathless’?

Ans – Javed Akhtar

4 – What was the name of the 5-member, all-girl pop band, that was formed in 2002 as part of a nation wide talent search, hosted by Channel V?

Ans – Viva

5 – Earlier this year, two South Korean companies announced a 300 Million dollars investment in India based, Ola Cabs. The first company is Hyundai, name the second?

Ans – Kia Motors Corporation

Amazon 5th October Quiz Answers , Chance To Win Bose Soundlink Revove+ Speakers

Question 1 :- Today, 5th October is celebrated as ‘World Teachers Day’ by UNESCO and Education International each year to help give the world better understanding of teachers and the role they play in the development of students and society. When was the First ‘World Teachers Day’ celebrated?

Answer is :-  1994

Question 2 :- Shanghai is currently the most populated city in the world. But which was the first city to reach a population of 1 million?

Answer is :- Rome

Question 3 :- A regular email has the recipients section, as well as CC and BCC. What does BCC stand for?

Answer is :- Blind carbon Copy

Question 4 :- The actor who played Gandhi in Lage Raho Munnabhai, won a National Award for Best Supporting Actor for the role. Name the actor.

Answer is :- Dilip Prabhavalkar

Question 5 :- Earth’s atmosphere is made up of several gasses, but which element makes up the majority of the air?

Answer is :- Nitrogen

Amazon 2nd October Quiz Answers , Chance To Win ₹50,000

Question 1 – In which year was Mahatma Gandhi nominated for the Nobel Prize for the first time?

Answer is – 1937

Question 2 – On which day in history did Mahatma Gandhi embark on the famous Dandi March?

Answer is – 12th March 1930

Question 3 – Although they shared differing ideologies, Mahatma Gandhi called X as ‘The Prince among the patriots’. In 1944, in a radio broadcast, X was the first one to address Gandhi as the ‘Father of the nation’. Identify X?

Answer is – Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

Question 4 – Gandhi was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize _____ times but never won. The Nobel committee publicly acknowledges the omission till date, expressing regret that Gandhi had never been awarded the prize.

Answer is – 5

Question 5 – Mahatma Gandhi shares his birthday with which Indian prime minister?

Answer is – Lal Bahadur Shastri

Question 6 – Which of these books was NOT written by Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer is – Long Walk to Freedom

Question 7 – The book ‘Unto This Last’ greatly captivated and transformed Gandhiji. So much so that he translated it into Gujarati. Who was its author?

Answer is – John Ruskin

Amazon 29 September Quiz Correct Answers, Chance To Win Vivo S1

Question 1 – The Formula1 race is in Russia today as part of the 2019 Formula1 season. Which driver won the 2018 edition of F1 race in Russia?

Answers is – Lewis Hemilton

Question 2 – The first fully solar-powered airport in the world is in India. Which city can you find it in?

Answers is – Cochin

Question 3 – The 2006 film, The Namesake, starring Tabu and Irfan Khan is based on a novel of the same name. Who is the author of that novel?

Answers is – Jumpa Lahiri

Question 4 – Who out of the following is NOT an Indian fashion designer?

Answers is – Ravi Ruia

Question 5 – What is the capital city of Mizoram?

Answers is – Aizawl

Amazon 27 September Quiz Correct Answers, Chance To Win Apple iPad Air

Question 1 – George Stephenson is known as the ‘Father of Railways’ as his ‘Locomotion No. 1’ was the first steam locomotive to carry passengers on a public rail line on 27th September. Which year was this?

Answers is – 1825

Question 2 – Which is the longest river in Asia?

Answers is – Yangtze

Question 3 – To commemorate Rahul Dravid’s 10,000 Test runs, a wall with 10,000 bricks was built in which of these cricket stadiums?

Answers is – M Chinnaswamy Stadium Bangluru

Question 4 – Until 1955, the State Bank of India was known as __?.

Answers is –  Imperial Bank Of India

Question 5 – The ______ is a horseshoe shaped zone found along the Pacific rim where around 90% of the world’s earthquakes occur. Fill in the blanks.

Answers is – The Ring Of fire

Amazon 26 September Quiz Correct Answers, Chance To Win ₹15,000 Pay Balance

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Q No 1. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, who was born today in 1820, fought for women’s right as an activist and helped introduce the ‘Widow re-marriage act’ in India. Where was he born?

Answer – West-Bengal

Q NO 2. Serena Williams, the famous tennis star, was born today in 1981. How many Olympic gold medals has she won?

Answer – 4

Q NO 3. Where would you find the Mismi mountain peak, the most distant source of the Amazon River?

Answer – Peru

Q NO 4. Made in 1888, the ‘Roundhay Garden Scene’ is known to be the world’s earliest surviving motion-picture film. How long is it?

Answer – 2.11 seconds

Q NO 5. Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar for Best Actor in 2106, after being nominated for several years. Which film did he win it for?

Answer – The Revenant

Amazon 25 September Quiz Correct Answers, Chance To Win Mi A3

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Q1 – In 1416, This City Became The Capital Of Not Just Denmark, But Of Norway And Sweden As Well. Which City Is Being Talked About Here?

Ans – Copenhagen

Q2 – Originating In The Tibetan Plateau Near Lake Mansarovar, Which River Flows Through Ladakh?

Ans – Indus

Q3 – Which One Of These Is A Traditional Folk Dance Of The People Of Lakshadweep Islands?

Ans – Lava Dance

Q4 – Which Country Will Host The 2020 Summer Olympics?

Ans – Japan

Q5 – The Circle Of Latitude Known As Tropic Of Capricorn Passes Through India.


Amazon 24 September Quiz Correct Answers, Chance To JBL Speaker

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Question 1 – The Korea Open 2019 is starting today. Which of these sports is played in Korea Open?

Answers is – Badminton

Question 2 – Which of the following national parks in Rajasthan is a World Heritage Site and is of international importance for some migratory bird species?

Answers is – Keoladeo National Park

Question 3 – The atomic number of lead is 82. What is the chemical symbol of lead?

Answers is – Pb

Question 4 – Wellington is the capital of an island country that has more sheep than people. Which country is this?

Answers is – New Zealand

Question 5 – India has the shortest written constitution of any sovereign country in the world.

Answers is – False

Amazon 23 September Quiz Correct Answers, Chance To Win ₹25,000

Amazon Today Quiz Answers

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Question 1 – Which planet in our solar system was visited by the Russian-built Venera 7?

Answers is – Venus

Question 2 – The Chess world cup 2019 is going on right now in Russia, which current Indian cricketer represented India in the World Youth Chess Championship?

Answers is – Yuzvendra Chahal

Question 3 – Rial is the official currency of __. Fill in the blanks.

Answers is – IRAN

Question 4 – Which was named as the ‘Word of the Year 2018’ by Oxford dictionaries?

Answers is – Toxic

Question 5 – Hummingbirds can fly backwards.

Answers is – True

Amazon 16 September Quiz Correct Answers, Chance To Win ₹15,000

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Q1. The Maharashtra government along with Amir Khan launched a new sports initiative to train athletes from rural and tribal areas for international events like the Olympics. What is the mission called?

Answer – Mission Shakti

Q2. India is known for its handloom products created by artisans all over the world. When is National Handloom Day celebrated to honour this craft?

Answer – 7th Aug

Q3. A teenager recently broke Michael Phelps’ record in the 200m butterfly stroke. Who was it?

Answer – Kristof Milak

Q4. Madre, Morsa, Maman, and Okaasan are different terms for a _____.

Answer – Mother

Q5. OPPO ended its sponsorship of the Indian Cricket team. Who will be taking over as the official sponsor for the team going forward?

Answer – Byjus

Amazon 13 September Quiz Correct Answers, Chance To Win JPL Boom Box Speakers*

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Q1. Rakesh Sharma Was The First Indian In Space. What Was The Name Of The Spacecraft In Which He Travelled?

Answer – Soyuz-T11

Q2. Running Events Are Often Categorised As 5K. 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon Etc. What Is The Official Running Distance Of A Full Marathon?

Answer – 42.19 Kms

Q3. The World Is Divided Into A Total Of 24 Timezones. USA Has 4 Timezones Across It’s Entire Region. Which Country Has The Maximum Number Of Timezones?

Answer – France

Q4. Which Is The Only Mammal Capable Of Flying By Beating Their Wings To Power Flight?

Answer – Bat

Q5. Which Indian City Has Become The First To Launch A 3D Smart Traffic Signal Called ‘Intelights’ Which Will Regulate Traffic Signals With A Smart Bird’s Eye View Wireless Sensor System?

Answer – Mohali

Amazon 12 September Quiz Correct Answers, Chance To Win ₹25,000

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Q1 – Which Ancient Art Form From The Mithila Region In Bihar Was Used To Save A Forest When The Women In The Area Painted The Trees To Stop The Authorities From Cutting Them For Road Widening And Development?

Answer – Madhubani

Q2 – Nobel Laureate And Beloved Writer, Toni Morrison, Passed Away Recently. Which Country Was She From?

Answer – USA

Q3 – Which Famous Scientist Developed The World’s First Computer Program For Playing Chess – Known As ‘Turbochamp’?

Answer – Alan Turing

Q4 – The Longest Passenger Carrying Railway Line In The World Is The Trans-Siberian Railway And Is 9289km Long. Which Two Cities Are Its End Points?

Answer – Moscow And Vladivostok

Q5 – Which Indian City Is Home To The Dalai Lama And Is Also The Headquarters Of The Tibetan Government-In-Exile?

Answer – Dharamshala

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